Special demagnetizing machines

Special requirements sometimes require solutions that cannot be covered by the standard program. In such cases, special systems can be developed.

Following are examples of realized projects:

  • Demagnetization of automotive parts
  • Air-cooled high-performance demagnetizing coil
  • Measurement of process values and process monitoring
  • Communication via ProfiNET
  • Power module LM68-Sonder (not visible on photo) integrated in the customer’s control cabinet

AC and DC power module integrated in the smallest possible control cabinet


Coil SSM06 with DC bias field, space-saving design

  • Demagnetization of bars between 3’000 – 6’000mm length, diameter 10mm – 40mm
  • Special coil due to limited space conditions
  • Adjustable AC alternating field demagnetization with additional, precisely adjustable DC-compensation

Degaussing of tubes in continuous flow


LM25S power module with air conditioner and potentiometer controllers


SSM04S coil module with air cooling

  • Demagnetizing (or degaussing) of pipes in the diameter range approx. 40…160mm
  • Adjustment of the field strength to the filling degree
  • Ramp function at the end of the degaussing cycle

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