Pillow block with HCP- LubSecure and HCP-Surface

Reduce lubrication costs

Relubricate only when needed

Reduce maintenance and repair costs

Reduce downtime due to bearing failures by up to 80% by monitoring:

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The HCP Sense pillow block bearing with integrated LubSecure technology enables you to continuously monitor the lubrication in your pillow block bearings. Lubrication failure is the cause of 80% of bearing damage. This enables you to prevent cost-intensive downtime by relubricating on time and as required. This allows you to reduce your lubricant consumption and the number of maintenance interventions without having to accept the risk of bearing damage. It does not matter whether incorrect lubricant selection, lubricant ageing or contamination are the causes of lubrication failure. Enhance your pillow block bearings, regardless of size, with our LubSecure technology. To minimise the risk of lubrication failure, contact us directly.

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