Tested and used on challenging and critical applications. On military applications, ice breakers, and large electric drive systems, Sohre brushes are used to protect critical rotating equipment.

Propeller Shaft

Propeller shaft voltage (potential difference between the shaft and the hull) can lead to corrosion of shaft and shaft seals. Sohre brushes can minimize the propeller shaft voltage and reduce corrosion.

Electric Drives

Variable frequency drives can lead to voltage spikes, damaging vulnerable bearings and seals. Sohre has the technical experience to implement voltage spike mitigation solutions.

Bearing insulation failures can lead to damage. Sohre brushes can be used to detect and troubleshoot bearing insulation problems.

Shipboard Power Generation

Like the ground based counterpart, shipboard power generation can suffer from damaging effects of shaft electrical discharges. Sohre brushes have been tested in the most challenging environments and offer unmatched protection from stray electrical currents.

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