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Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions EU® Is A Global Leader And Pioneer In The Field Of Shaft Currents In Rotating Machinery.

Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions EU provides products and services to detect, measure, and reduce the impact of electrostatically and electromagnetically induced stray currents on rotating machinery.

We manufacture the world’s most effective and advanced shaft riding brushes. They are used for sensing and dissipating stray shaft currents. Utilizing Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions shaft-riding brushes, our customers protect generators, turbines, compressors, pumps, gears, seals and a variety of industrial equipment from destructive stray shaft currents. From the depths of oceans to outer space, Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions shaft-riding brushes are installed in critical equipment.

Our customers are found chiefly in the petrochemical, marine, and power generation industries, but also in process plants, ships, and even the International Space Station. Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions shaft-riding brushes typically are found on high value or high power rotating machines with power ratings of from under 1 MW to more than 1000 MW.

Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions shaft-riding brushes have unparalleled performance in tough environments, and they are capable of maintaining reliable electrical contact with high speed rotating shafts in high temperature, oily environments. Sohre has worked with a variety of customers to protect machinery in challenging environments with exposure to explosive or corrosive chemicals.

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