Demagnetizing Services

Degaussing cables surround turbine

Shaft Current Solutions has experienced personnel for onsite comprehensive surveys looking for areas of potential problems. We will provide recommendations of best practices to mitigate present or future issues by determining if electromagnetic or electrostatic sources are present.


Causes Of Residual Magnetism

  • Magnetic tools such as magnetic chucks, magnetic base drills, and magnetic base indicators
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Induced magnetism through machining, abrasion,
    friction between the parts and tools
  • Magnetized parts introduced into the machine such as a magnetized gears or bearings
  • Prolonged exposure to magnetic fields such as power
    lines, the Earth’s magnetic field, etc.

Consequences In Rotating Equipment Industry

Electrical discharge damage can result in:

  • Early wear on components
  • Frosting, pitting or spark tracks rotating parts
  • Increased operating temperatures
  • Melting or welding or couplings and bearings
  • False sensor readings and alarms
    • Electrical runout
    • Temperature spikes
    • False vibration readings


Consequences In Manufacturing

  • Early wear on components
  • Attaching/adhering of chips, tools
  • Sensor misinformation
  • Residual magnetism in end product
  • Measurement errors
  • Impedes production processes
  • Surface irregularities
  • Irregularities in chroming processes
  • Friction
Damage to thrust bearing