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Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions Europe GmbH

Shaft Turbomachinery Solutions Europe provides high performance, high reliability bristle type fiber brushes for use in shaft grounding (shaft earthing) of all types of stray electrical shaft currents. The brushes can also be used for instrument signal transmission and generator or electric motor on-line diagnostic work.

We are the preferred distributor of industry leader Sohre Turbomachinery Inc.‘s products in Europe. We work closely with its experts to analyse turbomachinery installations, their risks and issues and to provide appropriate solutions and risk mitigations.

Our solutions reduce turbomachinery outages and increases machinery life time – therefore improving return on investment. Our brushes protect your turbomachinery equipment with the highest developed technology – far beyond the capability and durability of traditional grounding solutions. Our experts help you identifying risks and causes of operation issue before really serious problems occur. Our measuring solutions give you insight into the inner workings and health of your machinery like you whished for but had never before.


Outages because of electric discharges failures do not happen every day. They depend on many aspects of turbomachinery design and operations, making them extremely hard to avoid and impossible to predict. 

Effective Electric Discharge Protection is an inexpensive way to protect your machinery and your profits.

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Safety First

Electric discharges in rotating equipment pose a variety of risks which should be mitigated in order to provide safe and reliable operation of machinery, even in the most challenging of conditions.

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Whether you need standard brushes or custom-retrofits, we can help. Our rush services can ship spare parts and brushes in just a few days.